Instrument/ Vocal Instruction

Private Instruction
Students will receive weekly one-on-one music lessons covering the fundamentals of their instrument, suited for the individual’s skill level
Duo and Trio Lesson Groups
Two or Three students with similar ability levels simultaneously work with one instructor 
Introductory Group Instruction - Keyboard - Guitar - Percussion
Beginning students will meet in a class setting with similarly skilled musicians, providing exposure and the basic understanding of learning an instrument, while enjoying the comfort of working within a group.

Band/Ensemble Rehearsal

Groups of students assembled as a band will work with an instructor on a sound stage to develop rehearsal technique, stage presence, and performance skills.

Advanced Ensembles
Students with advanced skills on their instruments will be invited to perform in ensembles with similarly skilled musicians.  These ensembles will meet with an instructor and perform as representatives of the school.  Ensembles will vary in styles from Rock, Pop, R&B, Jazz, Latin, Drum Line/ Drill Team and Classical.
Latin Music Ensemble
Students will study and perform the cultural styles and rhythmic characteristics authentic to both traditional and modern Latin Music.  Studies will cover a variety of countries and music including Tumbao, Samba, Rumba, Bossa Nova, Salsa, Merengue, Chachacha, Bachata, Latin Jazz and Reggaeton.  Students will work with instructors well versed and actively working in these styles.  Emphasis will be on group playing and Percussion ensembles.                               
Performing Arts
A selection of classes will be offered in various styles such as Hip Hop, Ballet, Step, Modern, Tap, etc.  Dancers will work with an instructor in a class setting and will be offered various performance opportunities with live musicians and groups.  Focus will be placed on dance, as it is relevant in mainstream music.
Theater Arts
Classes will be offered in acting methods and techniques, as well as stage production.  Students will collaborate to produce various performances including skits, improv, classic theater, musical theater and student written/produced works, as well as study the behind the scenes aspects of producing shows.

Limelight Live

Student Showcases
Advanced students will be responsible for creating and producing their own showcase.   Students will be responsible for all aspects of planning, such as scheduling rehearsals, use of performance space, music selections and the event itself including performance time and date, costumes/fashion, and advertising.  Students will learn the in and outs of music business through hands on experience, while developing organizational skills and independence.
Workshops/Guest Performances
The school will keep a regular calendar of workshops and performances by relevant industry musicians and performers.  Students will have access to professionals in the genres they are familiar with and like, along with being exposed to various new styles of music, while developing an appreciation for listening.
In addition to student showcases and recitals, the school will serve as a concert venue for the East Falls Community.  Various professional groups will be brought in for evening performances, creating events and a local music destination.  Student groups will often be featured as opening acts, offering them exposure to the community and an appreciative audience, while creating advertisement for the school.The stage will also serve as an available venue on a rental basis for outside artists.
Future Programs
Recording Studio Instruction
A fully functioning recording studio will be available for classes/private instruction in recording technique.  Advanced students will be utilized as engineers to record student projects and performances.  The studio will be wired to the stage for recording of all performances.  Studio time will be offered to students as available.
Music Technology/Production
Students will have access to music technology for the creation of song writing, music compositions and beats.  Computers will feature Apple Garage Band and Finale.  Access will be granted based on availability.
Music for Special Needs

Classes and instruction will be offered for students with physical and mental disabilities.  Classes will foster growth and communication through experience and interaction for students suffering from debilitating disorders such as Autism, Aspergers, and Mental Retardation.  Students will sing, dance, clap, and perform with basic instruments such as keyboards and hand drums.